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5 cannabis strains for people who love strawberries

420 mail order

420 mail order

Brian Berry Cough is a cross between Strawberry Cough and Space Queen, so you already know the effects are a cerebral rollercoaster. The flavors take the sweet, fruity flavors of Strawberry Cough and add an earthy undertone from Space Queen. It has been reported as a little racy in the head for some consumers, but mostly it’s energizing. 420 mail order

Got some errands to run? Need a lil’ daytime pick-me-up? Brian Berry Cough could be the answer to your prayers.

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Strawberry Banana

Strawberry Banana, sometimes known as Strawnana, is another popular fruity strain loved for many reasons.

For one, that sweet, fruity flavor from its Bubble Gum parent will have you rushing to share with friends. secondly, this is a resin-heavy strain that’s perfect for delicious dabs. For three, the effects lean toward happy and euphoric, so all in all, Strawberry Banana is a cannoisseur’s dream.

420 Mail Order Strains

Additional Strains

Malibu Pie MPi Hybrid Malibu Pie

Blue Elephant BEl Hybrid Blue Elephant

Afghan Kush AfK Indica Afghan Kush

OG Sin OSn Hybrid OG Sin

Sam Sam Hybrid Sam

A-10 A10 Indica A-10

Platinum Kush PlK Indica Platinum Kush

Very Berry VB Sativa Very Berry

African Strawberry Diesel ASD Sativa African Strawberry Diesel

Purple Buddha PBu Indica Purple Buddha

Juicy Fruit JuF Hybrid Juicy Fruit

Bubble Gum BGm Hybrid Bubble Gum

Purple Princess ppr Hybrid Purple Princess

Seattle Cough SeC Hybrid Seattle Cough

Hawaiian Snow HSn Hybrid Hawaiian Snow

Strawberry Fields SFs Indica Strawberry Fields

Arjan’s Ultra Haze 1 AH1 Hybrid Arjan’s Ultra Haze 1

Shishkaberry SBr Hybrid Shishkaberry

Melon Gum MG Hybrid Melon Gum

Strawberry StB Sativa Strawberry

Pink Sunset PkS Hybrid Pink Sunset

Afghan Big Bud ABB Hybrid Afghan Big Bud

Strawberry Tangie StT Hybrid Strawberry Tangie

The Strawberry Cookiez StC Hybrid


Bruce Banner BкB Hybrid Bruce Banner

Haze Berry HzB Hybrid Haze Berry

Strawberry Shortcake StS Hybrid Strawberry Shortcake

Do-Si-Dos DSD Hybrid Do-Si-Dos

OG Strawberry Star Killer OSK Hybrid OG Strawberry Star Killer

Strawberry Kush SwK Hybrid Strawberry Kush

Tal Tal Kosher Tal

Chem Diesel CDsl Hybrid Chem Diesel

Zkittlez Zki Hybrid Zkittlez

Fruit Gusher FrG Hybrid Fruit Gusher

Enigma Enm Indica Enigma

Master x Blackberry MBl Indica Master x Blackberry

Fred Flipn’ Stoned FFS Hybrid Fred Flipn’ Stoned

DSD x (OG x Chemdawg) DsC Hybrid DSD x (OG x Chemdawg)

Golden Berry Gdn Hybrid Golden Berry

Original Swiss Strawberry OrS Hybrid Original Swiss Strawberry

Purple Alien OG PAl Hybrid Purple Alien OG

Arjan’s Strawberry Haze ASb Hybrid Arjan’s Strawberry Haze

Punxsy Punch PuP Hybrid Punxsy Punch

The Purps Pur Hybrid The Purps

God’s Gift GGi Hybrid God’s Gift

Banana Ban Hybrid Banana

Cotton Candy Ctt Hybrid Cotton Candy

Strawberry Bomb StB Hybrid Strawberry Bomb

Haoma Mist HaM Hybrid Haoma Mist

Strawberry Amnesia SAs Hybrid Strawberry Amnesia

Bubble Yum BYm Hybrid Bubble Yum

God Bud GBd Hybrid God Bud

Green Dream GrD Hybrid Green Dream

Blue Goo BGo Hybrid Blue Goo

Spliff’s Strawberry SfS Hybrid Spliff’s Strawberry

Growers Blend GrB Hybrid Growers Blend

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