Banana Backwoods

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Banana Backwoods are a highly collectible Backwoods cigar. These rough-rolled cigars are packed full of flavor and foil-wrapped to keep them super fresh! Expect a smooth draw and a deliciously creamy banana aroma. Furthermore people tend to say these cigars taste similar to the Vanilla Backwoods.

Backwoods Banana were discontinued over 18 months ago but we have a few boxes available.

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  Banana Backwoods

are a highly collectible Backwoods cigar. Buy Banana Backwoods online, These rough-rolled cigars are packed full of flavor and foil-wrapped to keep them super fresh! Expect a smooth draw and a deliciously creamy banana aroma. Furthermore people tend to say these cigars taste similar to the Vanilla Backwoods. Banana backwoods are available on our store, Buy banana backwoods online USA & Canada,  Banana backwoods for sale.

Where to Buy Banana Backwoods

Backwoods Banana were discontinued sometime ago but we have them back in stock.  if you’ve been trying to find  Banana Backwoods for sale , you’re in the right place. we ship to USA, CANADA, UK, AUSTRALIA and pretty much globally

We’re the best wholesaler and retailer of Backwoods, if you’re looking to Buy banana backwoods, or you’ve been asking your self where to buy Banana backwoods near me, wondering if there are Banana backwoods near me, We’re here for you and we sell Banana backwoods all of USA & you can also buy Banana backwoods in Canada. These cigars have everything you could possibly want in a flavoured cigarillo. Firstly, . They seem to all be lighter in colour, which, adds to a much better smoke and a far better taste. When you open the package, the smell of fresh, sweet banana hits you and your mouth instantly begins to water. The anticipation is only bettered by the first haul you take off of these well rolled cigars. Never too tight, these cigars light easily and stay lit longer than other flavours do. They are beautifully aromatic, taste incredible, and are worth paying a little more to get. These, and Honey Berry, are the two best Backwoods flavours on the market .  also happy that the price dropped a little on these as they were rare, which used to be too steep. If the price per carton ever gets into the neighbourhood that the Honey Berry is in, most people will order tons

Banana backwoods for sale

Made with premium-grade Dominican tobacco, they are 100% authentic and superior in character! To top it off, the tobacco is wrapped in an all-natural Connecticut Broadleaf for extra flavor, class, and quality! So, if that sounds good to you, then place your order today and we’ll be on our way! Now available for Nationwide Delivery, and overseas shipping. Here’s your chance to try Banana Backwoods and let the makers hear you loud and clear! Indeed, your voice at Discount Little Cigars will be heard loud and clear in our real-user review section! So if you’re looking for something authentic and fruity, then you should take a risk-free chance on this particular brand and flavor! Now available in an 8-Pack Box (40 cigars), there’s no better time than now to experience the hype firsthand!

these Cigars are highly sought-after. This easily recognizable flavor has a very large fan base. Still wonder why? Order a pack of these on our website to find out!

Surprisingly enough, banana was one of the discontinued  flavors until 2022. Now it’s back for sale. What’s more, in our store, you can order a whole box  of this wonderful flavor. Don’t miss your chance!

Banana backwoods Canada

Backwoods Banana is an all natural, rustic cigar featuring a unique wrapper infused with the essence of sweet bananas. The flavor and aroma is rich, smooth and sweet. Made with premium Dominican tobaccos, the quality of Backwoods cigars is always top notch. This rare flavor is undoubtedly one of the most sought after Backwoods flavors , besides  it’s produced in very limited quantities, so grab yours while you can. It is available in boxes with eight sealed foil pouches with five cigars in each.

If you’re looking for a smooth, mild, incredible tasting cigar that smokes evenly and true, then you’ve found exactly what you’re looking for… These cigars are just that damn good!


They are crafted with the brands signature Caribbean Basin Cuban Seed tobaccos surrounded by a homogenized binder, and a genuine all tobacco Connecticut Broadleaf wrapper. The end result is a mellow smoke with a rich ,nutty, cigar tobacco taste , punctuated with essence of sweet ripe bananas. Everyday smokers with a sweet tooth will look forward to smoking these banana laced stogies when the time calls for a quick and enjoyable cigar break. These flavorful cigars are available right here at exoticsmokez in super affordable 8-packs, with 5 of these tasty cigars in each pack.


We are not the makers. We’re an online cigar shop We retail the products. If you have questions in regards to this product as to why it is dried or had some sort of defect please refer those questions to the manufacturer. . All E-Cigarettes are not returnable. E-Cigarettes do not have any sort of warranty. E-Liquids cannot be returned.

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4 reviews for Banana Backwoods

  1. Viking

    Bought these and to my surprise they were still very fresh

  2. John E

    just got my box 🙂 never thought I’d come across these again

  3. Skylar

    5 star cuz they were fresh af

  4. Daniel k

    All of the products are special

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